James Williams no. 1 (New Orleans Swamp Donkeys)

Frozen Sessions

James Williams is a New Orleans residing vocalist, trumpeter and tuba player who is heavilly inspired by the legendary Louis Armstrong. In 2012 the charismatic soulful sounding musician co-founded the New Orleans Swamp Donkeys. A brilliant versatile and passionate group of young musicians playing an accessible form of traditional jazz, blues, modern jazz adaptions and many other jazz and New Orleans-derived styles. The group has performed sold out shows at prestigious venues worldwide. Whether they play in front of an intimate crowd at New York’s Blue Note or a large scaled crowd at the North Sea Jazz Festival, they just perform as joyous and rebellious with ease. Besides being part of the New Orleans Swamp Donkeys, Williams also plays and sings with Grammy and Billboard Award-winning Irvin Mayfield and The New Orleans Jazz Orchestra.

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