Inaldo Cavalcante de Albuquerque (Spok Frevo Orquestra)

Frozen Sessions

Founder, saxophone virtuoso and arranger Inaldo Cavalcante de Albuquerque, also known as Maestro Spok, is the creative man behind the Brazilian 17 piece Spokfrevo Orquestra. Their tireless ringleader challenges his audience with the fast and fizzy rhythms from the regional frevo, arguably Brazil’s most creative music. Spok blends it with the spirit of improvised jazz. The group’s latest effort is the excellent 2014 release Ninho de Vespa, their US debut album. Just like the Buena Vista Social Club spreading the musical heritage of Cuba, Spok takes a piece of extraordinary traditonal Brazilian music into the 20th century, blending it with an explosion of horns, getting enthusiastic crowds up on their feet and dancing to the fiery rhythms.

Photo taken on July 12, 2015 at North Sea Jazz Festival

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