Ibrahim Maalouf

Frozen Sessions

Though at age 17 he received an academic degree in General Science and Specialised Mathematics, ten years earlier Ibrahim Maalouf (Lebanon, 1980) picks up the trumpet to study. His father taught him classical technique, baroque, modern and contemporary repertoires. Maalouf has the rare skill of playing Arabic music with quarter tones on the trumpet, pioneered by his father and Don Ellis in the 1960s. He gives his music a more contemporary feel with elements from rock, electro and jazz-funk. His spectacular live performances stimulate the audience to get up and dance. Maalouf played with such diverse artist as Salif Keita, Sting and Archie Shepp. He released six albums on his own label of which 2013’s Illusions was a major succes and reached the number 1 spot on the Top Jazz Charts in France. Maalouf’s latest releases include Red & Black Light and Kalthoum.

Photo taken on July 12, 2014 at North Sea Jazz Festival

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